New version of AlterFRN-server
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Auteur:  damages [ 11 dec 2017 12:10 ]
Berichttitel:  New version of AlterFRN-server


There is the new version AlterFRN-server at ... erver/0-24

-- fixed bugs and flaws;
-- support for up to three FRN-System-Managers simultaniously or without any;

FRNServerConsole.Linux-armv6.r4642.tgz (Raspberry, Orange and other Pi)

Auteur:  Bertta [ 09 apr 2018 13:45 ]
Berichttitel:  Re: New version of AlterFRN-server


Orange / Raspberry AFRNClient image probably work really well and is a low-power I have tested, weather condition tests of these devices. 2 - year ip67 - in a shielded case and no rust or use problems.

and installation is easy if you just understand the Linux commands and also have very low power systems.

Resistant to frosty Rasberry PI -22 * c degrees in Finnish conditions in winter protected in ip67 case.

You can look a bit more here

Auteur:  damages [ 17 sep 2018 10:07 ]
Berichttitel:  Re: New version of AlterFRN-server

2018-09-14, Revision 5208:
- New version of AlterFRN server :
- Improved handling of multiple responses from multiple FRN System Manager in Light mode (s.1.10.3) and FRN mode (s.1.10.4) ;
- Added the ability to limit the duration of the client connection, as for the server as a whole: server parameter ClientSessionMaxTime (s.1.16) , and for a particular network (room): network option ClientSessionMaxTime (s.4.15) ;
- The parameter ManagerInvalidPasswordScript (s.1.17) was added to specify the name of the external program (script) that will be started asynchronously when the "Wrong password" error is received from the FRN System Manager , which makes it possible to automatically request a new static password with the register command (0.4.12) for AlterFRN client;
- Added commands setmanpassidx (s.0.9) and setmanpassaddr (s.0.10) to set a new password for connecting the server to the FRN System Manager ;
- Added option Hidden (s.4.16) for the network (room), which allows to exclude such a network (room) from the list of networks (rooms) - it became possible to create invisible networks (rooms);
- Added the LogExec (s.3.4) parameter in the [ System ] section (s.3) to enable logging of the start of external programs (scripts);
- Added the ability to have more than one owner for the network (room); see also the option of the network (room) OwnerEMail (s.4.1) ;

Original page: Standalone FRN server

Direct downloads:

FRNServerConsole.Linux-armv6.5208r.tgz (RaspberryPi,OrangePi,...)
FRNServerConsole.Linux-i386.5208r.tgz (Microsoft Windows)

Auteur:  damages [ 23 feb 2019 15:25 ]
Berichttitel:  Re: New version of AlterFRN-server

New r5564 version of AlterFRN server:

2019-02-23, revision 5564:
- New version of AlterFRN server :
-- Added support for the ProtoSpeakerInfo (5.16) parameter of the AlterFRN-client - control in the extension of the FRN protocol to transfer from the server information about the talking client for modes without transferring the list of connected clients ProtoListFormat=NONE (5.15.1) and ProtoListFormat=COUNT (5.15.2) for use on low-speed communication channels.
-- Many minor fixes and improvements, especially in extending the FRN protocol when using the AlterFRN-client.

Original page and download links

Auteur:  damages [ 13 dec 2019 20:53 ]
Berichttitel:  Re: New version of AlterFRN-server

New version of AlterFRN server: 2019-12-13, revision 6141:

- Fixed memory leak;
- Fixed server errors under very heavy load;
- Many minor fixes and improvements, especially in the extension of the FRN protocol used the AlterFRN client.

Download AlterFRN server r6141

Full list of changes

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