Paragliding and that 2M Radio you've got...
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Auteur:  ClintBarton [ 23 mei 2018 05:23 ]
Berichttitel:  Paragliding and that 2M Radio you've got...


So, I'll admit, I've been a ham radio operator for much longer than I've been into paragliding (seven years versus about seven days!), but I've been pretty neglectful of my radio operations for a few years now. Needless to say, I was more than a little surprised when I found out that it's quite common for paraglider pilots to use 2-meter band radios for their communications. My first thought was, "Awesome, I already have the license for that!". My second thought was, "Wait a second, no way. I never once heard mention of paragliding or paragliders (or hang gliders, ultralights, or anything else of that sort) during my studies to get the license. How could I have missed this? They can't all be certified." Well, after doing a little reading on some ham forums like, it's clear to me (judging by the amount of caterwauling) that a great deal of pilots do not hold a proper amateur radio license. On top of that, many that do use it merely as a walkie-talkie, which violates the conditions of a proper license anyways.

What, you say? Yes, it's true; do yourself a favor and re-read FCC Part 97's statement on basis and purpose. I've heard some words of contempt about "jabbering for jabbering's sake" in regards to amateur radio operators, but that's a pretty unfair way to mis-categorize what they do and enjoy as a hobby, and which many paragliders are so eagerly and illegally treading on! Just because the FCC doesn't do a very good job regulating it, doesn't make your actions any less illegal. Would you steal a woman's purse if you know you could get away with it?

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